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About Me

Hi, I’m Max Shen, an open source and front-end web developer from Taiwan. I am passionate about solving problems by making projects about Neovim and Web. This dev blog is the place where I share my learning journey to help and inspire other people!



  • Languages: C++, Lua, Go, Javascript, Typescript
  • Libraries: React.js, Three.js
  • Frameworks: Tailwind CSS, Next.js, Hugo
  • Others: Git

Fun facts

  • I like to customize my desktop.
  • My best typing speed in 1 minute is 135wpm.
  • I’m currently learning front-end development.
  • I major in Electric Engineering.


  • OS: Arch
  • WM: Hyprland
  • Editor: Neovim
  • Terminal: Kitty
  • Keyboard: Keychron K6 Pro